Buying a Sex Toy as a Gift

Buying a Sex Toy as a Gift


We’ve all been there. Christmas is coming or there’s a birthday on the horizon and we just can’t seem to think of a novel or ingenious gift idea. It can be tough to think of presents that have that personal touch, but what if you want to treat a friend or partner to something a little different? Buying a sex toy as a gift is very different from indulging yourself, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In this handy guide, we’ll outline some simple steps to help you find the perfect sex toy.

Tips for buying a sex toy as a gift

Sex toys may not be the obvious choice for a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift if you tend to stick to traditional presents, but they’re a fantastic idea if you want to get off the beaten present buying track and spice things up. Some people may be too embarrassed to buy a sex toy for themselves, while others may be open to trying new things and expanding an existing collection. Either way, buying a sex toy as a gift is a great way to treat your partner or a close friend who will appreciate added excitement in the bedroom.

To find the best sex toys to gift, here are some top tips:

1.   Consider the recipient

The golden rule to remember when you buy sex toys for other people, rather than for your own pleasure, is to bear the recipient in mind. Focus on the person you are buying for at all times and narrow down the options based on what you think they’ll like or what you already know tickles their fancy or gets them going. If you’re on the hunt for a present for your partner or somebody you’ve enjoyed a sexual relationship with for a long time, you’ve probably got a good idea of what turns them on (or off). Use your experiences to help you find gifts that are relevant to their fantasies or bedroom adventures you’ve shared or talked about in the past.

If you’re taking a bit of a punt and buying for somebody you don’t well in terms of sexual exploits, such as a friend, it’s best to explore popular sex toys that have universal appeal. Avoid anything too exotic or niche unless you know the recipient very well and they’ve been open about what they enjoy in the bedroom. Studies show that vibrators are the most popular sex toy followed by anal toys and lubricants (source).

2.   Solo vs. couple’s toys

Most people buy sex toys as gifts for their partner or someone they enjoy a sexual relationship with. If you’re buying for somebody you sleep with regularly or a friend with benefits, do you want to indulge them or give yourself a treat at the same time? You can choose from toys for solo pleasure or look for couple’s products that you can use together. Whatever path you choose to take when adding items to your basket, it’s crucial not to forget that you’re buying a present. Remember to focus on the person you’re buying for and what will make them happy. Perhaps you have the same turn-ons, or maybe you’ve got different ideas when it comes to living out fantasies or being more adventurous. Tailor your search accordingly. If your partner is open to ideas, or they’ve expressed an interest in being more daring in the bedroom, you can be a little more audacious in your selection.

3.   Types of sex toys

There’s a veritable treasure trove of sex toys available for individuals and couples today. If you’re not well-versed in using sex toys, or your partner usually takes charge of buying toys, it’s natural to be a little overwhelmed when greeted with an array of different toys. Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and they serve different purposes. Before you buy a sex toy as a gift for somebody, why not take a bit of time to explore different types of toys, learn a bit more about what they do and figure out what kinds of products would suit the recipient best? If you’re introducing sex toys into your relationship for the first time, you may want to start with something relatively gentle and understated, such as a vibrator or toys used to stimulate and tease rather than penetrate. It’s important to think about your partner’s sexual preferences when choosing a toy.

4.   Materials

Buying sex toys can be fun and exciting but it’s not all about imagining wild nights. It pays to be practical too. One of the most important considerations when treating others to a sex toy is the material used to make the product. This is key because some people have allergies. The last thing you want is to build up to a steamy weekend away to find that you’ve bought a toy that contains allergens that will trigger a reaction in your partner. Avoid awkwardness and disappointment and keep allergic reactions at bay by checking materials first and making sure that you’re aware of any allergies your partner has. If you don’t know whether the recipient has allergies or not, it’s best to opt for sex toys made from hypoallergenic materials, including silicone and glass.

It’s also worth noting that some lubricants don’t work with certain materials. If you’re ever in doubt, choose water-based products, as they are compatible with every toy.

5.   Managing expectations

Some people are bold and brash when it comes to using sex toys and they want to try all kinds of weird and wonderful gizmos and gadgets to enhance their sex life and enjoy new experiences. For others, using sex toys is something they enjoy to a point. For some people, introducing toys to a relationship is a no-no. Surveys suggest that around 3 million Brits own a sex toy. However, men are much less likely to buy sex toys. Only 1 in 8 men admit to owning a toy. When you buy sex toys for others, rather than for your own use, it’s essential to manage your expectations. You might want to push the boundaries or be more experimental, but is your partner on board and do they have limits?

One important question to think about is how experienced they are when it comes to using toys and being adventurous. Sex toys might excite you, but you don’t want to get a bad reaction when your partner unwraps a box of delights on their birthday. If you’re buying a dildo, for example, going too big might intimidate or put your partner off. If you’re not used to using anal toys in the bedroom with a partner, tread carefully. It may be best to discuss different types of toys and fantasies to see if you’re on the same page before you buy.

6.   When to give a sex toy as a present

We all have different attitudes to sex. Some people are very open about their sexual relationships and they’re happy to talk to friends about what they enjoy or what they’ve tried in the bedroom. Some people are very adventurous and open but they have boundaries in terms of what they share with others and how they behave in public. Others are tight-lipped and they feel uncomfortable talking about sex outside of their relationship. It’s important to think about the person you’re giving a sex toy to when choosing when to present your gift. If you talk about your sex life regularly with friends or you’re in an open relationship and you enjoy partner swapping, for example, the recipient may enjoy the process of opening a raunchy, playful gift in front of others. If your partner is very private and coy, they probably won’t react positively to you giving them a sex toy in a crowded room.

7.   Finding the right toy for your budget

The cost of sex toys ranges from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds. If you’re shopping for a sex toy, and you have a budget in mind, set filters and compare prices. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, browse affordable products that have rave reviews. If you’re pushing the boat out and you want to spoil that special someone, look for luxury sex toys. You can decide on a budget and then narrow down your options according to how much you want to spend. It’s worth remembering that high prices don’t always guarantee the most pleasurable experiences. Take a few minutes to read product descriptions and read reviews to find the best toys for your budget. If you’re open about talking about sex with friends, you could also ask others for recommendations.

Buying a sex toy as a gift: Dos and don’ts

To make shopping fun and stress-free and ensure you get a positive reaction, remember these dos and don’ts:


  • Focus on the recipient and their sexual preferences
  • Research different products, read descriptions and check materials
  • Set a budget before you start your search
  • Consider the recipient’s level of experience
  • Think about what your partner enjoys and what they’re keen to try or explore


  • Forget that you’re buying a gift rather than a treat for yourself
  • Push the boundaries too far
  • Give your gift around others if your partner is a very private person


Buying a sex toy as a gift is a great idea if you’re treating a partner or a friend who is open to trying new things or spicing up their sex life. If you are shopping for a playful present, always think about the recipient. Focus on finding toys that they will like and that suit their level of experience and their sexual preferences. Take time to explore products, read reviews, learn about how they work and the benefits they offer and manage your expectations.

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