Guide To Buying Lingerie as a Gift

Lingerie Gift Guide - buying lingerie as a gift

SheerFlirt’s Guide to buying lingerie as a gift for that special someone

Statistics show that 72% of spending on underwear, nightwear and loungewear is made by women, which highlights the fact that the majority are used to buying sexy outfits for themselves. However, receiving a lingerie gift can be immensely thrilling for your partner – and, let’s face it, exciting for you too!

Both men and women often find lingerie gift-giving to be a somewhat daunting experience, but it needn’t feel that way. With Sheer-Flirt, finding a present that will provide a lot of joy for both of you is easy.

Opt for quality over quantity

When buying lingerie as a gift, you want the product or set to feel special. So, simply buying a multipack of bras or knickers should be off the agenda. Aside from the fact that those items will lose their distinct appeal, the truth is that those items from high street stores are often made from cheap and inferior materials. The recipient is going to feel very sexy when the fabric causes discomfort or rips start to appear.

Here at Sheer-Flirt, all of our luxury products are made from the highest quality materials and designed to make her feel comfy, confident, and sexy. Whether it’s a wet look lingerie gift or a body stocking, you can be sure that she will fall in love from the moment she opens the box.

Our brands include the Cottelli Collection, Obsessive, Abierta Fina, Leg Avenue Lingerie, and Rimba. Browse the full range of products today and you’ll be certain to find something she’ll love.

Think about sizing

Yes guys, size matters…

When buying luxury lingerie as a gift, the last thing you want to do is spend money on an item that makes her feel uncomfortable and unsexy. If it’s too tight, she’ll be uncomfortable. If it’s too baggy, she won’t feel sexy. Therefore, a quick peek in her underwear draw is probably a wise move.

Unsure of her exact size? The great news is that you can find plenty of stunning lingerie sets that are a little more versatile. For example, this Blue and Black Basque with GString and Stockings is available in S/M or M/L. In addition to helping you avoid a bad purchase, the materials will adapt to showcase your lover’s natural curves and assets.

Whether buying a standard or plus size lingerie gift, sizing charts are your friend. Meanwhile, choosing a company with a fair returns policy, like ours, should provide an extra layer of reassurance.

Know her style

Sizing and style go hand-in-hand. When buying a gift, you naturally want to find a lingerie set that is out of the ordinary and makes her feel extra special and sexy. However, if you want her to remain confident in the bedroom (or kitchen, who are we to judge?) you shouldn’t deviate too far from what she loves.

She knows what underwear makes her look sexiest. So, if you know she loves a body stocking, try something like this Le Desir Lace Sleeved Bodystocking is just the ticket. Its pretty lace pattern will leave her feeling super sexy. Meanwhile, the fact it is suitable for sizes 14-20 underlines the aforementioned benefits of flexible sizing. The stocking will support her curves and natural shape, which is sure to make it her favourite outfit.

Aside from gaining the desired results during your love-making sessions, choosing the right style shows your attentiveness and makes her see that you ‘get her’. Whether you’re newly dating or have been married for 20 years, the emotional rewards are sure to translate to physical benefits.

Think about colour

The sizing and styling aspects are vital, but colour choices will complete the trident of key factors that determine how lingerie will look and feel on your lover. This guide to choosing lingerie colours based on skin tone, hair colour, and eye colour will provide a great starting point for your research. From corsets to bras and thongs, finding a product that complements her individuality is key.

While taking guidance from the experts can create a smoother decision-making process, you should not ignore the clear preferences that she may have. If she tends to wear red lingerie to show passion, embrace it. Of course, this can be particularly appealing when looking at presents for the festive season, Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary.

Alternatively, if she has a preference for wearing black or white in the bedroom, this should instantly narrow your search for the perfect lingerie gift. Once again, finding a set that makes her feel comfortable and confident will guarantee that the gift is a hit.

Consider accessories

Lingerie can range from standard bra and pantie sets to nightwear or sexy outfits. Whatever you choose, it’s important to remember the accessories that can be used to complete the look and achieve the desired results for both of you. Silicone push-ups and bra lifts can give your lover a bigger bust and leave her feeling extra confident. But it doesn’t end there.

Ordering a garter belt, or knee-high socks and suspenders can make a huge difference to the look. Similarly, you could consider masks to bolster a burlesque-style lingerie set. Ticklers, nipple tassels, and handless gloves are popular items too. When supported by fun date night games, you turn the gift into more than just sex. It is the perfect way to put the spark back into a relationship.

Whether it’s a present to mark a special occasion or simply improve your sex life doesn’t matter. A sexy lingerie set accompanied by the right accessories to complete the look and improve the experience will be sure to get your pulses racing.

Finally, don’t forget yourself

Luxury lingerie will make your partner look and feel sexier than ever, but her sexual experiences are equally influenced by you. If you’re a woman, purchasing a different but equally sexy outfit can be a huge part of her gift. Meanwhile, we also stock a wide range of sexy underwear for men. The fun is doubled when you’re both dressed up. Do not forget it.

And if you still need help finding the right lingerie gift for your lover, feel free to drop us a message today.

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